Inside Bannon's next campaign: Keep the House to save Trump

Michael Isikoff
Chief Investigative Correspondent
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    Republicans have been complaining about a Deep State and then admit "Bannon previewed the new setup in a recent Vanity Fair interview that revealed the existence of a “shadow political operation” of Trump advisers in regular communication with the president — including, besides Nunberg, former deputy campaign chief David Bossie and ex-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski" Sounds like exactly what they have been doing
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    Impeachment is great but what about whose next...
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    Mr C
    Don’t forget that Russia is helping also. It is no coincidence that all 8 congressmen who met with Russians on July 4th voted against more funding for election security.
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    The Trump Era
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    Hey Steve - How did Roy Moore do?
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    To say it more truthfully, the object of all Republican activity since 2008 has been to undo the election results of 2008. I think the Democratic leadership has been very clear that they are not anxious to rush into any kind of impeachment hearings. They would prefer to just neutralize him with a House majority and to defeat him in 2020. That is what I see.
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    Bannon said he'll spend half his time in Europe boosting far-right parties. Meddling in their elections, as it were.
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    Defend America. Vote.
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    Economic indicators are starting to point to a recession in 2019-2020.
    Trumps tax cuts have diminished the governments abibility to respond to a recession with fiscal stimulus. The fed can’t return to the 0 interest rates because of inflation. Housing sales are down for fourth month. Short term bonds are rising but long term bonds are stagnant. As are wages. His taxes on steel aluminum and everything raising prices while China’s tariffs are hurting companies.
    I don’t see anyway Bannon can save Trump. If Mueller doesn’t get him 2020 election will be such a landslide against him the New Democratic President will have a mandate to fix what Trump as broke.
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    Bannon and Trump are the Jim Jones of right-wing politics.