Inside of boujie McDonald's sparks confusion

one of the fast-food chain’s

more famous locations .

looks absolutely nothing like the classic red-and-yellow brick-and-mortars we’ve come to know and love — and for good reason.

Photos of the Mickey D’s in

Freeport, Maine, are turning heads on Twitter.

after a user pointed out the exterior of the restaurant looks more “like a funeral home”

than a place to pick up some afternoon french fries.

Business Insider notes the Freeport McDonald’s was

built inside the Gore House, a historic 150-year-old mansion, in 1984

and is, in fact, the only franchise location in the posh seaside town.

Twitter users began sharing photos of

other unique McDonald’s restaurants around the world — and some of them are legitimately insane.

In Taupo, New Zealand, there’s a Mickey D’s shaped like a legitimate aircraft

(yes, you can sit and eat inside the plane).

In Barstow, Calif., there’s a Mickey D’s designed to

look like a railroad station, where diners can sit and

eat in refurbished train cars (the caboose is the bathroom).

And in Vinita, Okla., a massive McDonald’s serves as a highway overpass that crosses I-44