Inside the factory making Super Bowl signage

STORY: Step inside the factory that is making signage for the Super Bowl

Workers at signage company Bluemedia are preparing banners, decals and graphics

that will decorate various buildings and the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona

where Super Bowl 57 will be held on February 12

[R.J. Orr / Executive Vice President, Bluemedia]

"You've got building graphics that can range all the way up to 70 feet wide by 300 feet tall that we're doing, in a variety of different sizes and materials from perforated window vinyl to a mix, because we have some buildings that not only have glass on them, but have textured surfaces. // The biggest one we're doing is 18,000 square feet down to one, smaller ones that are around 10,000 square feet."

"So this is the finishing department. // Back over here, this actually is all going together for the Fox set, that Fox Sports set that's going on the great lawn. So that's a lot of custom finishing that goes into this. So a lot of sewing that goes along."

"We'll start working on a Super Bowl around 10 to 9 months out. So we will, coming off this Super Bowl, we'll start working on the Super Bowl 58 in April and putting everything together and going over, you know, what are some of the different environments that we're working on. Start planning out, you know, what we can do in each of those environments, working with the NFL on what could the designs look like."