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Inside Inter Miami CF: Sami Guediri

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CBS4's Mike Cugno goes one-on-one with Inter Miami's Sami Guediri.

Video Transcript

- All right time for Inside Inter Miami CF, it's a weekly segment. Right here on CBS 4 featuring a player from the team.

- Tonight we'd like to introduce you to Sami Guediri, a Boca Raton native who caught the eye of coach Phil Neville on the first day he came to the club. CBS 4's Mike Cugno joins us now with his story. Mike?

- Yeah, Neville saw him training with the USL squad and said, get him on the MLS side. Now, the 23-year-old midfielder is a sign member of Inter Miami helping improve South Florida is a hotbed for soccer talent.

- We want local talent. We want local children. We want local football players that believe that they can reach the top and play in the MLS. When David Beckham announced an MLS team was coming to South Florida, it opened up a new world of possibilities for soccer players in the area. Like Inter Miami's own, Sami Guediri.

- Besides news, it was an awesome buzz all around South Florida because we never really had a big national team or MLS team down here for the kids or for people to go watch games on the weekends or kids playing on travel teams to maybe have the chance to go play in the Academy and one day play for the first team. So I think it was just awesome.

- It was awesome but still a work in progress. Just a teen at the time of the announcement, Sami left Boca Raton and traveled to Europe to get a little extra soccer seasoning.

- I spend some time in England, spent some time in France, but the longest amount of time I spent was in Germany and definitely a big, big culture shock when it comes to the language, the people, it was a rough experience but it definitely helped me become who I am today.

- He became a better soccer player but unfortunately, couldn't quite pick up German as another language.

- I tried. I tried. But definitely for the first couple months, everything just sounded like one big word.

- That's OK, because he's letting his play do all the talking for him now. Recently signed to an MLS deal, Sami is proving that the area can produce professional soccer players. And as a local, he gets to help make sure that this club is a success.

- I've always said, when I was young, I'm like, South Florida is hub for talent. And now that we have a place to showcase it, I think it only bodes well for the future. So me personally, I don't know if I feel the pressure. I think it's just excitement for what the future would hold.

- All right. You can watch Sami and the rest of the team take on DC United on our sister station My TV 33 tomorrow at 8:00 PM. Now tomorrow will also mark the first time Inter Miami plays in front of a full capacity crowd of 18,000. More on this game later in sports. Lauren and Keith, back to you.