Street racing will no longer be tolerated, sheriff says

In the video, deputies interact with drivers stopped for racing and other offenses during a busy night for the sheriff's office.

Video Transcript

- For the 2021 Texas 2K race, everybody understands that the race happens starting tonight to Sunday night at the Texas Motor Speedway in Baytown. Generally, they're going to come over here. Those that can't compete over here will start street racing over here. They'll gravitate, sometimes, to the northwest area of Harris County. But we've seen our share of racing on highway 90, on I-10, and parking lot takeovers, exhibition shows and stuff like that, Home Depot, Lowe's and stuff like that. So this is the Sheriff's way of combating illegal street racing and those car shows. So that's what our whole purpose is going to be for the next five days.

M CANNON: Violent crimes is a big issue nowadays in Harris County. Especially during the pandemic, a lot of robbing and shooting, those type of crimes I love. And been in a proactive unit, I'm able to investigate that and go in-depth a whole lot more and see if I can solve the crime. So if you want we can pull him out and make contact with him.

- Is he the only one in there?

M CANNON: He's the only one in there.

- OK.

M CANNON: All right, so we're going to make contact with you in reference to Baytown PD. They got you inputed in the system as a gang member.

- OK.

M CANNON: All right.

- I already know it. It was a drug bust or something. I was in a barbershop, and they had took me in. But I beat the case. It got dismissed.

M CANNON: OK, so what made them put you in the system as a gang member?

- I mean, I used to get into a lot of squabbles and stuff when I was in school. We got this little musical Gas Gang and all.

- Can we see these tattoos, bro?

- I got a stomach tattoo.

- When was the last time you were documented, bro?

- When I was incarcerated.

M CANNON: It says "Gas Entertainment Gang?"

- Yes, sir. It's a music group.

- That's the gang you're in, Gas Entertainment?

- They called it a gang, but it's music. My little brother, he raps. Yes, sir?

M CANNON: All right, like I said, you're getting two citations, all right, for no driver's license and unauthorized lighting. Court date April 9, 2021 at 14350 Wallsville. You have any questions for me?

- No, sir.

M CANNON: Remember man, hey, when you do that lighting, you can do it in the parking lot, but when you're riding around on a public road, nah. All right, brother.

- All right.

M CANNON: Be careful. Tonight was a rough night. We had to assist the district for calls for service. They were getting overwhelmed when we were tasked for the 2K 21 Texas street racing and takeover. But it was so much high priority call, such as one of our DWI units went out on the radio and advised she was in pursuit of a vehicle failed to stop. Suspect finally stopped after a few miles into pursuit, surrendered into law enforcement.

- He said that he didn't see my lights.

M CANNON: How do you hear sirens and not see lights?

- And I saw the-- well, the first thing that caught my eye was this defective light. And then I was going to stop them on that, and when I saw that he was driving over the lines.

M CANNON: And when we left that call, there was a potential disturbance, which led to a shooting inside the residence. Upon further investigation, the suspect, she just needed help. She was going through a mental health crisis break breakdown. And deputies weren't able to provide her with the assistance and help that she needed and admitted her to a psychiatric facility for further treatment. We were finishing up there. One of the district units advised they were in pursuit of a white in color BMW in the Crosby area. The pursuit lasted about 20 to 25 minutes.

- Hey, if he's in the church, make sure they're covering that side and holding. He went in the tunnel.

M CANNON: He went where?

- He's in the tunnel.


M CANNON: The suspect got stuck on a storm drainage, went underneath that storm drainage into the sewer through a tunnel, where he attempted to hide from law enforcement. At that moment, we had DPS 102 up above, who was able to get a heat sensor on that suspect hiding in that tunnel up underneath that roadway.

- [INAUDIBLE] This is your last warning. This is the Sheriff's Office K9. Come out with your hands up, or the dog will find you and bite you.

M CANNON: Harris County K9 arrived on scene and put the dog on the ground, gave out K9 warnings. Suspect surrendered to law enforcement tonight. Was able to place him in custody without any deputies or any vehicles that were damaged in that pursuit. That was a pretty wild pursuit, pretty wild. We were able to get the suspect in custody without incident I believe in community policing. And going out and helping these individuals within this community, especially the younger generation who, for instance, like the 5th Ward, the 3rd Ward, whose family has always been in trouble with law enforcement. They have a belief that we're only there to put people in jail. And they grow this hatred toward law enforcement. But if you go out and interact with these kids and show these kids that you're not really there to just put people in jail, you're actually here to help, to protect, to serve. it would make a different aspect in these little kids' life. And they'll look at you as a role model in their life.