'Inside No. 9' sneak peek: 'Don't be so squeamish'

'Fleabag' star Sian Clifford in an exclusive clip from 'Inside No. 9'

Video Transcript

- So are the blinds closed or open?

- Open, thank goodness. You'll be pleased to hear the only thing she's gobbling is that pana chocolate.

- God, this is awful. It's like having open heart surgery with no anesthetic.

- Oh, don't be so squeamish.

- Says someone who's obviously never been in love.

- Dmitri's going to the bathroom.

- Can I ask, are you married, Iris?

- Me? No. I'm self-partnered, as they say. Single as $1 and not looking for change.

- And are you happy with that?

- Oh, yeah. I'm fine. Really cool with it.

Don't miss men at all. Not at all. Really happy. Sorry, what?

- I didn't say anything.

- I mean, I might like to meet someone eventually. But for now, I don't need another half because I am a whole. I mean with a W, [INAUDIBLE].

- An empty abyss.

- He's back.

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