Inside SoCal Sunday Morning: 4/4

“Springtime at the Farm” is in full bloom now through April 11 at Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark. Plus, we're dishing up who has the best SoCal brunch!

Video Transcript


ERICA OLSEN: Hi, I'm Erica Olson. And welcome to Inside SoCal Sunday Morning. It's spring, and we're here at Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, the perfect place for family fun. And we've got the inside scoop on who's dishing up the best SoCal brunch.

SUZANNAH UNDERWOOD: We are celebrating springtime on the farm, which means all things spring, baby animals, pick your own strawberries, and Easter activities. The Easter Bunny is here. And we are really excited for this activity.

We also have Easter egg hunts. We have tractor-drawn wagon rides. They take visitors around the farm, and can drop them off in the pick-your-own fields to go pick their fruits and vegetables. My family has been farming in Ventura County since 1867.


SUZANNAH UNDERWOOD: Originally, we started off with lima beans and walnuts. And we sold for wholesale. And then we moved into direct-to-the-customer.

And from there, we saw that there was a need for people to come out and see where their food was grown. People are really excited about pick-your-own strawberries right now. And those are open, as well as a wide variety of other vegetables, leafy green, salad vegetables.

One of the most exciting things we're doing right now is we're offering interaction with the animals again, which we haven't been able to do for about a year. So that's one of the most exciting things.

ERICA OLSEN: And tell us what that entails.

SUZANNAH UNDERWOOD: So we have baby duck feeding and petting, that people can hold them and pet them. And then they can also offer them some food. Seeing the different animals that have been here a long time like Lucy, and Sassy, and some of our sheep and our goats.

But really just being outside in the fresh air and open space, and getting their hands into the soil, and picking their fruits and vegetables. We love to be able to bring people back to the farm.

ERICA OLSEN: Sundays are the best brunch days. And here's our top five SoCal favorites. Huckleberry's breakfast burrito is as satisfying as they come. And box up some beautiful pastries for later, if they make it home.

At The Nest, they have brunch in a cup, thanks to the raspberry mojito iced coffee. And do not skip out on the creamy shrimp and grits topped with bacon bits. Down a few oysters as you sit on The Draycott's patio soaking up the sun. Then close with their lobster roll. This is SoCal paradise.

At Black Market, chilaquiles get an upgrade with carnitas. Then for those 21-plus, wash it down with their Red, Hot, and Bothered, made with jalapeno-infused vodka. Closing out the list is All Day Baby in Silver Lake. And they have brunch all day, every day.

LIEN TA: We really wanted it to be an all-day restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Really vivacious, family-friendly, but really with the soul of a diner. I would say it's a little bit of modern American, but there's a bit of a Mexican beach cafe vibe, as well, thanks to my chef partner Jonathan Whitener, who is Mexican-American himself, and grew up in Orange County.

We also have a vibe of Southern cuisine, as well. He grew up and spent some summers in North Carolina. And I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. The heart of All Day Baby was we wanted to build a restaurant that, really, he and I wanted to go to.

We felt that we had to make our signature ADB biscuit sandwich. So the biscuit sandwich is comprised of a buttermilk biscuit that's created by our pastry chef, the wonderful Thessa Diadem. It's got scrambled eggs, a slice of white American cheddar, pork sausage patty, or your choice of thick-cut bacon. But you can also get both meats, which is what we recommend. And then a dollop of homemade strawberry jam that's also made by Chef Thessa.

ERICA OLSEN: I imagine you've had a lot to contend with over this past year. How did it affect you and the restaurant? And how were you able to to push ahead to keep All Day Baby open?

LIEN TA: It's been a roller coaster of emotion, to be totally honest with you, I mean, to be up against something so uncertain. But of course, everybody else is up against the same uncertainties. It was challenging.

We're a brand new restaurant. We had only been open 3 and 1/2 months. So the best thing that anyone, if you care about restaurants and want to see-- many of them have closed, but if you still want to see some of your favorite restaurants still standing, I would recommend supporting them today.

What makes All Day Baby special is that even through a difficult time as it has been, it's still able to provide joy in our food. And we all can eat anything and get nourished. But to feel nourished is another experience altogether. And that is something that I hope All Day Baby can do.

ERICA OLSEN: Well, that's it for us. I'm Erica Olson for Inside SoCal Sunday Morning. Happy spring.