Insider says Apple’s iPhone 12 will have a revolutionary new OLED display

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Gaming Android phones are a thing these days, although they’re already overkill in many ways. They’re maxed-out machines supposed to deliver an even better gaming experience than regular high-end Android handsets. One of their signature features concerns the display, which supports 120GHz refresh rates — Asus’s just-announced ROG Phone II is one example. Apple, meanwhile, hasn’t equipped any of its iPhones with 120Hz screens but has developed the same technology for the latest iPad Pro models, which feature 120Hz Pro Motion screens.

An industry insider now claims that the iPhone 12 phones will also pack a 120Hz display, and it’ll introduce an awesome new feature along with it.

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Apple made the switch to OLED for flagship iPhones a couple of years ago, with the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max all featuring 60Hz OLED screens that do support 120Hz touch sample rate. That’s not to be confused with the actual refresh rate of the screen — the ROG Phone II features a 120Hz display with a 240Hz touch sample rate. Of note, the 2018 iPad Pros come with LCD screens featuring 120Hz refresh rates.

Ice Universe, an industry insider known for his Samsung-related leaks, also posts Apple rumors from time to time. And he did so a few hours ago, posting on Twitter the news that Apple is currently discussing its 2020 iPhone screens with suppliers Samsung and LG.

These displays will reportedly feature a “switchable 60Hz/120Hz refresh rate,” which means that Apple is considering bringing Pro Motion tech to the iPhone 12 screen. Having the refresh rate switch between 60Hz and 120Hz could also offer huge benefits where power consumption is concerned.

Higher refresh rates coupled with higher touch sample rates should further improve the performance and responsiveness of a display, both when it comes to consuming content including videos and games, but also during regular smartphone use. It’s only logical to assume that all handset makers out there are looking to offer better displays to their buyers.

Earlier this year, OnePlus launched the OnePlus 7 series featuring 90Hz screens, and Android vendors that sell gaming phones will keep releasing 120Hz phones. Assuming Ice Universe has access to accurate intel, it means the iPhone 12 could be in for a massive screen upgrade. It also means the iPhone 11 will feature 60Hz screens, like its predecessors.

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