Inspection report recommends repairs to Greensburg alley bridge over Jack's Run

Mar. 11—Greensburg officials are looking to repair and resurface a small bridge over Jack's Run, based on recommendations in a recent inspection report.

Public works director Tom Bell told city council this week that the report by Gibson-Thomas Engineering suggests repairs be made within one year — before the next inspection of the bridge on a narrow alley that is next to Offutt Field and parallels East Pittsburgh Street, behind the Christian Layman thrift store.

Bell said the city should fix signs on the bridge that are missing or need to be replaced, including one that would designate it as a one-lane span. A sign that is in place notifies motorists of a 4-ton weight limit on the bridge.

Bell said he'll obtain pricing for additional work that will take longer to complete, including concrete repairs that will require hiring an outside contractor.

The inspection revealed spalling of concrete on the bridge, Bell said. Spalling occurs when a concrete surface peels, breaks or chips away through weathering.

On the underside of the bridge, he said, "The decking is supposed to be encased in concrete. The water has gotten into the concrete, and the concrete spalls. That needs to be repaired.

"What you have to do is build a form underneath there and use basically jack stands and hold it up there until the concrete cures, and then be able to remove the forms so that's encased."

Other surfaces have cracks that need to be repaired, probably by filling them with epoxy, Bell said.

The alley is formed with concrete, which will require resurfacing on the approaches to the bridge, according to Bell.

After milling of the alley surface, he said, "you have to put a binding agent on that concrete — which is basically tar — and put blacktop down so it adheres better to it."

Jeff Himler is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Jeff by email at or via Twitter .