Inspector orders more work on courthouse roof

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May 22—More work is required on the roof at the Pittsburg County Courthouse before an inspector will certify its most recent roofing job as complete.

District 2 Commissioner Kevin Smith said although a roofing job costing more than a half-million was recently done on the courthouse, it still leaks in multiple places.

County commissioners also heard options regarding roofing issues at the Pittsburg County Justice Center, which includes the sheriff's office and the Pittsburg County Jail.

Josh Rhodes, with the Garland Co. Inc., provided the information to county commissioners during their regular Monday meeting in the Commissioners' Conference Room at the County Courthouse.

Regarding issues with the courthouse roof, Rhodes told commissioners the company which did the roofing job is going to be required to return and do additional work before the Garland Company will warranty the job as properly completed.

District 2 Commissioner Kevin Smith said Crawford Roofing did the work on the project.

Commissioners are withholding a $26,800 final payment on the courthouse project until the roofing work passes a final inspection following the additional work.

The compete courthouse roofing project totaled $570,200.

Smith said the Garland Company was awarded the bid and subcontracted the roofing work to Crawford Roofing.

That gives the Garland Company the authority to say whether the subcontracted roofing work meets its requirements before certifying the job as complete.

Commissioners previously approved three payments toward the project, said First Deputy Sandra Crenshaw, including payments of:


—$192,240 and


That leaves the final payment of $26,800 outstanding.

Rhodes said he did want the commissioners to pay that final amount until Crawford Roofing returns and completes the project to his satisfaction, as a representative of the Garland Company.

Rhodes handed out copies of papers as he began his address.

"What you have before is a laboratory report," he said. Samples were taken from 10 random spots on the courthouse roof, said Rhodes.

"Things were south of where they should be as far as materials put down," Rhodes said, referring to materials used during the courthouse roofing project.

The roofing company must return and install materials in the proper amounts in the areas on the roof that were found wanting, he said.

"We have ordered the materials and we are waiting on a shipping date on that," Rhodes said.

When those materials are installed and the roofing company says the job is complete, "We will check again on core samples," Rhodes said.

When the Garland Company certifies the Crawford Roofing job as complete, "You can make your final payment to them," Rhodes said.

"It's just us following up to see you get what you paid for," he said.

"It was pretty easy for us to tell what happened and what didn't happen," Rhodes said. He said some of the roofing material, which included coating materials, wasn't applied at the required thickness level.

"They didn't pour it out thick enough," he said.

"We're not going to issue a warranty on that roof until it's 100 percent right," Rhodes said.

On plans for the Pittsburg County Justice Center roofing project, Rhodes gave commissioners a couple of options to consider.

Smith asked to pull the item so commissioners can vote on it at a future meeting, giving commissioners more time to review information related to the proposal.

County Commission Chairman/District 1 Commissioner Charlie Rogers agreed with pulling the item until it can be voted on in a future meeting. District 3 Commissioner Ross Selman did not attend the Monday meeting at the courthouse.

Commissioners were not required to take any action regarding the followup work on the courthouse roofing project.