Instagram Celebrity Brutally Murdered by Alleged Boyfriend, IG Removes Death Pic

Gary Trock

A man is in custody after allegedly slitting a 17-year-old Instagram celebrity's neck and posting her dead body to social media.

The grisly details center around Bianca Devins, who was allegedly murdered Monday morning in Utica, NY by a 21-year-old man named Brandon Andrew Clark.

The two met online and apparently began a relationship, although it's unclear if they had recently ended things.

Clark allegedly posted photos of the bloody slaying on Instagram, 4Chan and the gaming site, Discord.

He labeled the death photos with the caption, "Sorry f----rs, you’re gonna have to find someone else to orbit," which refers to men who lurk around a girl's page in the hopes of hooking up.

After Clark posted the death photos to social media, users quickly recognized Devins and geolocated Clark through the metadata in the photos.

Police were called and quickly responded to the scene. They confirm that multiple calls were received around 7:20 AM, along with a call from Clark himself.

Devins was found dead in Clark's car, and cops suspect she died hours before the calls to police were made.

Along with her lifeless body, police found "multiple sharp objects" in Clark's car, including a razor blade and a knife.

Clark was severely injured from a self-inflicted wound when police arrived, but they were able to transport him to the hospital where he remains in critical condition.

In response to the death images being circulated on Instagram, the platform deactivated Clark's page and are being vigilant about making sure the photos are not reposted to other accounts.

The investigation is ongoing.