An Instagram model deactivated her account after posting a wet T-shirt photo to promote Australian bushfire relief efforts (Lindsay Dodgson)
Tammy Hembrow

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  • Warning: The photo included in this post is not entirely safe for work.
  • Instagram fitness star Tammy Hembrow deleted a photo and deactivated her account after receiving criticism, according to The Daily Telegraph.
  • She said she would donate 100% of the profits from her clothing line to emergency relief for the Australian bushfires underneath a photo of her wearing a see-through wet T-shirt.
  • Some people said the photo was tone-deaf.
  • Hembrow then reactivated her account and posted a heartbreaking video of a koala, reiterating that she would donate her profits.
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Instagram fitness star Tammy Hembrow uploaded but quickly deleted a photo of her in a swimsuit and wet T-shirt after she was accused of striking the wrong tone.

In the caption, she said she was donating 100% of the profits of her Saski Collection clothing line to emergency relief for the Australian bushfires. But some people thought it was a bit tone-deaf to promote fundraising efforts with a see-through top.

Hembrow deleted the photo and temporarily deactivated her Instagram account as a result of the negative comments, according to Australian news site The Daily Telegraph. But not before some fan pages screenshotted the image and reposted it.

Hembrow reactivated her account to reiterate that she would donate her profits by posting a heartbreaking video of a koala.

Hembrow isn't the only influencer who has used an unconventional method to try and raise funds for helping those affected by the devastating wildfires engulfing Australia.

Kaylen Ward, also known as "The Naked Philanthropist," tweeted that she would send a nude photo to anyone who donated at least $10 to the cause. She's raised over $70,000 so far.

Hembrow did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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