Instagram Star's Killer Allegedly Spray Painted Frightening Message Near Body

Gary Trock

The murder of Bianca Devins has taken an even more chilling turn after it was discovered the killer left a message scrawled out near her dead body.

Police in Utica, NY believe Brandon Clark spray painted, "May You Never Forget Me," near the SUV where 17-year-old Devins' body was discovered.

As we reported, Clark allegedly posted a grisly photo of Devins' body after he slit her throat.

He also called police, as did many others who used geolocation to investigate where the photo was taken.

When police arrived, they found the young Instagram star deceased, as well as Clark with critical self-inflicted wounds.

Clark was allegedly laying on top of Devins, who was covered under a tarp.

He was transported to the hospital and underwent surgery for his wounds before being charged Monday night with second-degree murder.

The 21-year-old man is currently being held in the Oneida County Correctional Facility.

Authorities say the two had been dating for 2-months before attending a concert Saturday night in NYC. They allegedly got into an argument that resulted in the killing.

After the murder, Clark allegedly posted photos of the bloody slaying on Instagram, 4Chan and the gaming site, Discord.

He labeled the death photos with the caption, "Sorry f----rs, you’re gonna have to find someone else to orbit," which refers to men who lurk around a girl's page in the hopes of hooking up.

The death photos began circulating online before social media platforms began vigilantly taking them down.

Instagram announced that they had deactivated Clark's page and will be using software to track anyone else who posts the photo to ensure that it's scrubbed from anyone's feed.