Instagrammer promotes eating healthy over Ramadan

STORY: LOCATION: Jakarta, Indonesia

This Instagrammer wants people to eat healthily over Ramadan

The fast is the holiest month of the Muslim calendar

But breaking the fast at night can often mean

oily, spicy and deep fried foods

Caterer Teni Daud offers healthy alternatives on Instagram

"There are also many followers on social media who are not our customers but maybe they can benefit from what we share every day, for example, they need menu inspiration or maybe it can be business inspiration for them, at least a few times a week we present educational content related to food, that they can take advantage of."

This year during Ramadan her followers

jumped by 22,000

Teni says lockdowns have taken a toll

on people's diets

"The definition of healthy is according to the needs of the person, for example, like me, some people's need to is lose weight, as since lockdowns, many have gained weight, so the definition of healthy for them is getting an ideal body weight. For example for diabetics, healthy according to them is low sugar food."