I use this $17 serum every morning and my under-eye bags and fine lines are a thing of the past

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InstaNatural Eye Serum. (Photo: Amazon)

I’ve never been one to obsess over my beauty routine. Honestly, it’s a miracle if I remember to apply toner after a long day. But there’s one thing I never forget: my under-eye serum.

After one too many mornings waking up and looking like the Crypt Keeper from Scooby Doo, I knew it was time to try and fight the baggy lines, dark circles and dull skin that found a home right below my eyes.

While I wanted something that would work, I didn’t want to spend an entire paycheck on 17 different serums and lotions. Lucky for me, I found InstaNatural’s eye serum, a one-stop-shop that did everything I needed it to, for less than $20.

How it works

Using InstaNatural’s eye serum is simple: Place a few drops on your finger and rub it in below your lash line.

Because the product is made from a concentrated blend of vitamin c, peptides and plant stem cells, you don’t need a ton of it to make a difference. In fact, it takes such a little amount that I’ve had the same bottle for months — and there’s still some left.

I now use the dropper to apply the serum directly to my under eye area, rather than my finger first. This gives my under eyes the full effect, and I don’t have to worry about my hands absorbing any of the bright orange liquid.

To make sure my skin soaks in all the serum, I gently pat under my eyes. I’ve noticed that without doing this, a few small and dried-up orange spots appear.

The directions say to use the serum every morning and night, but I skip bedtime since there’s caffeine included in the ingredients. With one application a day the results are still noticeable, so it’s up to you.

How it feels

InstaNatural Eye Serum. (Photo: Amazon)

Unlike so many beauty products, there’s no stinging sensation after using InstaNatural’s eye serum.

I can best describe the feeling as the equivalent of smelling coffee in the morning: it’s a gradual awakening that gives me energy without being overpowering. The light product doesn’t leave behind a heavy film. In fact, after a half hour or so I completely forget it’s there — until I look in the mirror and gawk at how bright my under eyes are.

Also, the serum smells great. It’s like a blend of flowers and happiness; the perfect subtle aroma to start your day.

Immediately after using the serum, my skin feels alive and plump (the peptides in the product increase collagen production), which also helps me feel more energized.


Now months into using this product every morning, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in how the skin under my eyes looks and feels — even after bad nights of sleep the product takes care of bags.

The most noticeable difference is how bouncy my skin feels, and I owe that to the hyaluronic acid included in the formula. Hyaluronic acid grabs moisture and locks it in place, creating soft, smooth skin.

Because the collagen production under my eyes has increased, any signs of fine lines are seemingly dead and gone. Plus, my skin has never felt irritated — a result I found equally surprising and impressive.

Thanks to InstaNatural’s eye serum, my skin is fluffy and refreshed, and the Crypt Keeper has not once returned to stare back at me first thing in the morning.

Shop it: InstaNatural Eye Serum, $17, amazon.com.

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