Insurers brace for another round of catastrophe losses from Hurricane Florence

By Suzanne Barlyn
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    They can always take cover under corporate socialism.
    Regular people are not that lucky.
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    Why would you SELL INSURANCE to a property that is RIGHT-ALONG-THE-SHORE?!
    1. You get the commission
    2. The payout comes from the company, not your own pocket.
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    GOOD !
    This should be the responsibility of owners and insurers.

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    Aaaaaaaaand my insurance rate already went up...
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    HAHAHA really, when did you see a insurance company loose money? Your rates have already been raised.
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    Tweaking Liberals 101
    Cat 3
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    Coal Causes Cancer
    Good thing they've been saving all that money from their tax cuts so they won't come crying to the taxpayers to bail them out, right? Right?
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    How can Big Corp America Insurance Lose Money when they never Pay Out to begin with? Especially NOT fixing the windshield on Bin laden's 911! so he sent a few Rock Chips BACK!
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    Insurance companies know all too well that Global Warming is real. But if they want to cut their losses in the long run, they need to step up and donate to politicians who advocate for a transition to clean energy today.
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    Even with all the payouts, they are still rich.