Intel suspends business in Russia

STORY: Intel has suspended its business operations in Russia.

The U.S. chipmaker made the announcement Tuesday (April 5).

Intel is the latest company to leave the country following the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in February.

The firm said it had implemented business continuity measures to minimize disruption to its global operations.

In a statement, Intel said it - quote - "continues to join the global community in condemning Russia's war against Ukraine," and called for a return to peace.

The U.S. and its Western allies have sanctioned Moscow heavily since the fighting began in what the Kremlin calls a 'special military operation'.

Numerous global companies have pulled out of the country over the last month.

Intel rival IBM had also stopped shipments.

That as Ukraine urged U.S. cloud-computing and software firms to cut off business with Russia.

Servers from IBM, Dell and Hewlett Packard top the market in Russia.

Companies and government agencies in the country have relied on technology developed by the West as the basis for their owned-and-operated IT systems.