Intelligence chief determines who was behind poisoning, promises retaliation in Russia

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Ukrainian military intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov, told journalists from the French news outlet Liberation that he was able to determine who was responsible for his wife's poisoning and promised "retaliatory actions on Russian territory."

"My wife is feeling better," Budanov said. "Since I did not drink poison, it is difficult for me to say whether it was an attempt to murder me. But I have already survived many assassination attempts and will probably survive many more. I think that in the near future you will see retaliatory actions on Russian territory, and everyone will understand this."

Late last year, Ukraine's military intelligence announced that Budanov's wife, Marianna Budanova, was hospitalized due to heavy metal poisoning.

Russia has reportedly made more than 10 attempts on Kyrylo Budanov's life.

When asked if he knew who was responsible for the poisoning, Budanov replied 'Of course I do!'

Budanov served in the Donbas war in 2014, reportedly suffering several injuries during the hostilities.

He briefly became the deputy director of Ukraine's foreign intelligence agency in 2020 before he was appointed to lead the military intelligence the same year by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Budanov was promoted to the rank of lieutenant-general in September.

The military intelligence agency is directly subordinate to the country's defense ministry. The agency describes its chief tasks as gathering intelligence, identifying external threats to Ukraine, and combatting terrorism and foreign intelligence activities.

While much of its activities remain classified, the military intelligence confirmed responsibility for several attacks against the Russian rear during the full-scale war.

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