Intense snowfall rates and wind combine for dangerous conditions in Oklahoma

Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer was near Oklahoma City amid strong wind gusts and heavy snow as conditions turned dangerous on the roads.

Video Transcript

REED TIMMER: I'm on the west side of Oklahoma City right now, where still moderate snow continues to hammer this area here, dropping visibility below a half mile. The flake sizes are still quite large as well right now out here, with quite a bit of vertical motion in the mid-levels, orientated bands all the way through southwestern Oklahoma.

And the heaviest snow now has slid southeast into downtown Oklahoma City and also in the south metro, including Norman, Oklahoma, down toward Purcell, still several inches of snow to fall down there with those heaviest bands slowing down near the I-35 corridor. Could easily get snowfall rates approaching a half an inch to an inch an hour down there along the I-35 corridor.

And winds are gusting over 25 to 30 miles an hour in locations, and that's creating dangerous cold out here as well and dangerous conditions on the road. So, the single digit temperatures out here-- the real feel temperature is down minus 10 to minus 20. Very dangerous conditions are going to continue through the night tonight into the day tomorrow.

The dangerous cold out here and the near blizzard conditions-- but we did the blizzard conditions with this system, but still these bands are associated with gusty winds as they come through, dropping visibility to near 0 at times, especially in the open areas-- those open, exposed areas outside of Oklahoma City, and this is the first of a 1-2 punch, with another round coming Tuesday, Tuesday evening. It looks like this and similar areas could also be impacted by that snowfall. And the areas that get the heaviest snow from both systems are really going to get hammered within a week's time.

But really cold air just dominating the entire southern plains, the entire state of Oklahoma under a winter storm warning. Winter weather alerts cover the entire state of Texas, and winter storm warnings to the entire state of Arkansas as well.

So dangerous cold dominating the southern plains and pushing off to the east as well across the lower Mississippi River Valley.