Inter Miami CF Ready To Kick Off Season Against LA Galaxy

Inter Miami's home opener will take place at the newly named DRV PNK Stadium in front of a limited capacity of fans this Sunday, April 18 at 3 p.m.

Video Transcript

- And now at 5:30, Inter Miami counting down to kickoff for its second season. Our MLS team takes on the LA Galaxy.

- CBS 4 sports anchor Mike Cugno joins us with a preview of Sunday's match-up from DRV PNK Stadium.

PHIL NEVILLE: The dial just got dialed up a little bit. Everyone became more focused, everyone got a little bit more excited.

MIKE CUGNO: Things feel different around DRV PNK Stadium. Thursday marked the final open training session and final press conferences before Inter Miami opens their season Sunday against the LA Galaxy.

PHIL NEVILLE: These are the best moments. This is why I took the job, this is why you get into football, for the big moments when you actually go out there and you're playing for the three points. You're playing for-- you know, to get up in that lead, to start the season well, to test yourself against the best managers and the best players.

MIKE CUGNO: New head coach Phil Neville has been very open about the fact that the style of play in the MLS is something he's adjusting to. Meanwhile, his new players continue to adjust to him.

LEWIS MORGAN: He's very hands-on. I think him and his coaching staff are very, very detailed and thorough in their preparation. And they're very clear. They've got an identity in how they want to play, and it leaves us players with no doubt as what's expected of us.

MIKE CUGNO: Something fans can look forward to is a hungrier Gonzalo Higuain. The international superstar admits he struggled joining the club midseason.


INTERPRETER: When I suffer and I struggle more than I thought I would, it caused me a little bit to adapt to the team. I didn't come here to be one more player. I didn't come here for vacation. I came here to take the club to its highest level.

MIKE CUGNO: Attention to detail seems to be permeating through the facility, from David Beckham's constant presence around the club to Phil Neville's hands-on style. Even players took it upon themselves to start off-season workouts early to prove that they can meet the high expectations.

PHIL NEVILLE: I don't think anyone, really, in our team would say that they were at their best last year. And I definitely include myself in that. So we've all recognized that. We all want to put that right.

MIKE CUGNO: On Sunday, it'll be just the third time in this team's history fans are actually allowed in the building to watch a game. So far, with supporters in the house, this club is undefeated. From Fort Lauderdale, Mike Cugno, CBS 4 Sports.