Inter Miami CF Will Welcome Fans To DRV PNK Stadium For New Season

Inter Miami CF's new season is a week from Sunday and they'll kick it off at home against the LA Galaxy in their newly renamed DRV PNK Stadium.

Video Transcript

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: [INAUDIBLE] Inter Miami's new season begins a week from Sunday at home against the LA Galaxy. And when they kick off the 2021 season, it'll be at the newly-named DRV PNK Stadium. CBS Sports' Mike Cugno is here with the details of the team's new partnership. Mike?

MIKE CUGNO: Well, Eliott, pink jerseys, pink seats, now a pink name. Inter Miami inks a three-year deal with AutoNation for the stadium naming rights is appropriately dubbed DRV PNK Stadium.


MIKE CUGNO: Move over loanDepot Park and FTX Arena, there's another stadium name change in town. Welcome to DRV PNK Stadium, the home of Inter miami CF.

JORGE MAS: For us at Inter Miami, we're honored and privileged to enter into this partnership because we're going to continue making a difference in our community with your lead and what your leadership, Marc, and at AutoNation has done in this wonderful campaign.

MIKE CUGNO: AutoNation has raised over $26 million in the fight against cancer. And with this partnership, their DRV PNK campaign will get even more national and international exposure.

MARC CANNON: We're going to do a lot of events here for cancer. And we're going to have DRV PNK Day across America with Inter Miami and us, and we're going to stuff those bags (VOICE BREAKING) for those cancer patients.


And we're going to do that. And by the way, I'm going to up the ante. For every shutout my Inter Miami gets, for every time that other team has a big goose egg, we're going to match $100,000 to this fund for research.



MIKE CUGNO: The partnership includes exclusive television and digital exposure, as well as the naming rights for the First Team's training kit. A game day jersey sponsorship is still in the works.

JORGE MAS: We have a global platform now to talk about DRV PNK and breast cancer awareness, and that's what we want to be known for. So it was a perfect fit.

MIKE CUGNO: It's a fit that will last for the next three years. That's the length of the agreement on the naming rights deal. Owner Jorge Mas says the club will be playing in Fort Lauderdale for at least the next three seasons while Miami Freedom Park negotiations continue. Mas says a lease agreement is nearing the finish line.

JORGE MAS: But there's been no major obstacle or hiccup, but I am highly confident that it will be very soon.

MIKE CUGNO: Inter Miami opens their season April 18 against LA Galaxy, and Mas says that match is a sellout at 8,000 fans. He says they aim to allow 16,000 in the building May 29 during their fourth home game of the season. Eliott, back to you.

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: It's a perfect partnership with AutoNation. Let's hope they get some of those shutouts. Lots of them, right, Mike?

MIKE CUGNO: A lot of pressure on the goaltenders. A lot of pressure on the defense. We're going to have to talk to Phil Neville about that. You know, a lot on the line now.

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: That makes it even more fun.


ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: All right, mike, thanks a lot.