Inter Miami Comes Up Short In Home Opener

CBS4's Jim Berry reports the club lost 3-2 to the LA Galaxy. Read more:

Video Transcript

- And more sports now. Today, opening day for Inter Miami as the MLS season gets underway. It was the first home game in franchise history, and it was a thriller. CBS 4's Jim Barry took it all in with a limited number of fans allowed, JB.

JIM BERRY: What's going on, Goldy. This place was rocking. DRV PNK Stadium had a lot of energy, a lot of excitement, and for Inter Miami fans this day was a long time coming. And those fans got everything they wanted except a season opening win from the home team. On a steamy South Florida Sunday, the soccer passion of Inter Miami fans was running red hot. Man, it's 1,000 degrees in the shade. Why do you want to be out here today?

- It's Inter Miami, baby. Its opening day.

JIM BERRY: How's it feel to finally be here?

- So good to be out here. Really good to be out here, finally to come back out of the game, feel a little, you know? The breeze, the energy, it's fantastic.

JIM BERRY: Shut out of attending last year's opener because of the pandemic, 8,000 socially distanced fans in a place that can hold 18,000 still stirred up plenty of atmosphere. It was a vibe even MLS Commissioner Don Garber couldn't help but notice.

DON GARBER: I mean, I was with somebody who that had never been to an MLS game before and said, you know, there is no sport in North America that has fans like that, that can create a passionate environment, bang drums, and I think really capture the heart and soul of this city.

JIM BERRY: Some of the crowd showed up hours early, even opposing LA Galaxy fans contributed to the raucous atmosphere.

- The one and only, the galaxy.

JIM BERRY: In the end Galaxy fans get the last laugh. Inter Miami fights but falls 3-2, an unhappy ending for an otherwise joyous afternoon. Well, they tried. What did you think?

- Yow know what? We had a great time, you know, as a family, came as a family. It's a great time to come out and to share the event even though they lost. Maybe next time it'll be a different result, but today's result, you know, we'll live to play another day, you know.

JIM BERRY: And that is the bottom line. The team will try to redeem itself in its next game against Philadelphia. . There were some good moments despite a few late game lapses I'll have more highlights and reaction from the players and the coach Phil Neville a bit later in sports. Till then live at DRV PNK Stadium, I'm Jim Barry, "CBS 4 Sports".