As Interest Rates Drop, HMBradley Launches Modern Digital Banking Platform to Help Customers Save Their Way to a 3% APY

Company delivers new way to bank; debuts customer-centric features, including Plans

Thousands on waitlist ready to redeem signup bonus by setting up direct deposit and saving

HMBradley today announced the official launch of its digital banking platform built to reward savers. Thousands of customers who previously had joined the HMBradley waitlist can now open a bank account and set up direct deposit to redeem their sign-up bonuses. They also will be able to earn interest according to their Savings Tier, up to 3% APY, determined by the percentage they save of each quarter's new deposits. Additionally, HMBradley today unveiled customer-centric features, such as Plans, which help account holders set and achieve financial goals.

Backed by PayPal founder Max Levchin and other fintech heavyweights, HMBradley has reimagined the foundations that banking was built on, designing the experience from the ground up around the customer. Rather than rewarding only those with the biggest bank balances or encouraging account holders to swipe their debit cards at every opportunity, HMBradley’s digital banking platform helps consumers of all income levels save their money and plan for the events, purchases, and experiences they value. HMBradley pays one of the industry’s highest interest rates, currently up to 3% APY, on account balances up to $100,000. Account Holders qualify by receiving at least one direct deposit each month and saving at least 5% of their deposits. No interest is earned if the account holder does not save at least 5% of deposits monthly. All HMBradley deposit accounts are opened at Hatch Bank, Member FDIC. The FDIC insures each account up to the maximum amount allowed by law per depositor.

"We are so excited to open our virtual doors and welcome people from all income brackets as we introduce a new way to bank," said Zach Bruhnke, co-founder and CEO of HMBradley. "We want to empower and protect every consumer financially to show them that a bank can be on their side, regardless of how much money they make."

HMBradley currently offers the following APY Savings Tiers on deposit accounts:

  • Savings Tier 1 3.00% APY: Saving ≥20% of deposits
  • Savings Tier 2 2.00% APY: Saving 15% to <20% of deposits
  • Savings Tier 3 1.00% APY: Saving 10% to <15% of deposits
  • Savings Tier 4 0.50% APY: Saving 5% to <10% of deposits

An HMBradley account makes it possible to earn interest in a single transactional account. No need to move funds between checking and savings accounts because every dollar deposited has the potential to be a dollar saved.

Plans for Your Future
Research shows that it’s easier to save if consumers have a specific goal in mind. To help customers achieve their goals, HMBradley created Plans. In a few clicks, account holders can establish goals and track their spending. This simple nudge assists customers in purposefully setting aside more money. Account Holders can set up automatic contributions to execute their Plans, and through an easy-to-read dashboard, they see just how much they’ve set aside each month -- all while working towards a higher Savings Tier. Customers have the option of dividing money into multiple savings Plans, given that most people have more than one area of focus for their money, or they can keep it all in one place. Savings Tiers are applied to the funds in the account, regardless of how money is allocated into Plans, which delivers the highest return to customers.

In addition to providing Plans and a forward-looking dashboard that showcases everything users need to know about their recent transactions, spending and saving habits, and current balances, HMBradley will soon be offering One-Click Credit. When available, this proprietary process allows HMBradley to periodically deliver pre-qualified credit offers to customers. Customers will know the exact terms of the credit offers upfront and can claim them with just a simple click. With One-Click Credit, HMBradley brings a new level of transparency to credit offers so that customers can make informed credit decisions.

All HMBradley account holders also enjoy access to over 55,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide, mobile check deposit, and 24/7 access to support, putting the convenience of a traditional bank branch right in account holders’ pockets.

Securing Your Information
HMBradley has taken precautions -- from multi-factor authentication to standard data encryption both in transit and at rest -- to give consumers confidence that their information is safe. HMBradley undergoes regular audits for infrastructure and compliance standards. It also works with both independent security researchers, as well as its own internal security team, to ensure customer data is always protected.

HMBradley’s Mastercard debit card is protected by Mastercard’s Zero Liability Protection. As a Mastercard cardholder, Zero Liability Protection applies to purchases made in the store, over the telephone, online, or via a mobile device and ATM transactions. HMBradley customers can also easily turn off their debit cards, inform the bank of upcoming travel, and set up fraud alerts – without ever dialing the phone.

To open an HMBradley deposit account and start earning interest on savings today, please go to The HMBradley Mastercard Debit Card is issued by Hatch Bank pursuant to a license from Mastercard, Inc. and may be used everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted.

About HMBradley
HMBradley built a modern digital banking platform for savers. It rewards everyone, regardless of income, for developing sound financial habits. Founded in 2019 with support from fintech visionaries. To learn more, please visit

About Hatch Bank
California-based Hatch Bank is a digital-first bank improving how people save, spend, borrow, and send money by creating strategic relationships with fintech companies. Hatch Bank provides a fintech platform called "Powered by Hatch" with API connectivity and industry-leading expertise in loans, deposits, and payments verticals. For more information, visit or contact Member FDIC.

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