Bigfoot festival to explore the legend on Friday and Saturday in the Hocking Hills

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A festival dedicated to the legend that is Bigfoot will take place Aug. 5 and 6 in Logan, about an hours' drive away from the state's capital.

The two-day affair includes vendors, speakers and contests to see who can walk most like Bigfoot — also called Sasquatch — and howl the best. Proceeds will benefit the Logan Theater restoration project and the Hocking Hills Children's Museum.

The keynote speaker at Hocking Hills Bigfoot Festival will be Cliff Barackman, of "Finding Bigfoot" fame.
The keynote speaker at Hocking Hills Bigfoot Festival will be Cliff Barackman, of "Finding Bigfoot" fame.

Sasquatch, as defined by Encyclopedia Britannica, is a large hairy humanoid that some believe lives in the forests of the northwestern United States and western Canada. Its name comes from the Salish word "se’sxac," which means “wild men," according to the online encyclopedia.

The Hocking Hills Bigfoot Festival's keynote speaker is Cliff Barackman, who's spent more than 20 years researching the humanoid, according to a brief bio on the festival's website. His research has taken him to 44 of America's 50 states and seven countries across five continents.

"While well-versed in Bigfoot field techniques and video analysis, his specialty lies in footprints and their casts, of which he owns the world's second-largest collection," the bio reads.

Barackman is also the founder and curator of the North American Bigfoot Center in Boring, Oregon, and starred in "Finding Bigfoot," a TV show that ran for nine seasons on Animal Planet.

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The Hocking Hills Bigfoot Festival will take place Aug. 5-6 in downtown Logan. In addition to keynote speaker Cliff Barackman, the event will also feature live music, crafts and vendors, food and a Squatch 'N Seek. and For more information, visit

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