Interim to be named while Lockport superintendent search conducted

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Jun. 23—A special meeting for the Lockport Board of Education got the ball rolling on finding a new temporary superintendent. Clark Godshall, BOCES District superintendent was named "search consultant" to help find an interim superintendent/transitional assistant after discussing the subject with board members in executive session.

The Lockport School Board convened at 6 p.m. Wednesday night and after quickly approving 41 personnel matters, went into executive session to, "Discuss potential employment of specific individuals and discuss one unrepresented contract."

Godshall and incoming Trustees Tracy Caruso and Sterling Pierce Jr. were also invited into executive session to continue with the discussion.

After an hour, the school board reconvened to approve unanimously a resolution to appoint Godshall as the search consultant for a "Transitional Assistant."

Outgoing school board president Karen Young said the term transitional assistant was used, because while the position would eventually be transformed into that of interim superintendent, when Michelle Bradley retires in September, it would be confusing to have two superintendents working in the Lockport City School District at the same time.

Young also said that Godshall laid out all the choices that the board would make during the process of finding a permanent superintendent and the choice was made to go with a temporary interim superintendent rather than wait for the process of finding a permanent superintendent to play out.

"The search for a superintendent is a long process," Young said after the meeting. "It will involve the community and Superintendent Bradley is leaving in September and it will take longer than two months to find a replacement. It's because of the timing."

Young also noted that the choice of a permanent superintendent will be made by the new school board, which she will not be part of, and their swearing in will not be for another two weeks.

As to why the presentation was conducted in the privacy of executive session, Young noted that part of the search for the new superintendent will be for board trustees only.

"Part of it will be confidential, part of it will be with the community," she said. "Overall it's going to be open and transparent."