Interpreter fleeing Afghanistan receives menacing call from Taliban mocking Biden withdrawal

A former interpreter for the U.S. military said he received calls mocking President Joe Biden and threatening him as the country crumbled at the hands of the Taliban.

Sayyid, who is in his 40s and spent years working as an interpreter for U.S. special forces in Afghanistan, was recently able to flee from Kabul as part of the airlift of U.S. citizens and allies out of the now-Taliban-controlled country.

Sayyid told the Washington Examiner that prior to his arrival and eventual departure from Kabul, he was in a different part of the country and received two menacing phone calls from the Taliban that struck fear into him.


He recounted being asleep when the call came through and woke him in the morning shortly after the city he was in fell to the militant group. Sayyid answered the phone, and after exchanging the usual formal greetings, he asked who the man on the other line was. The man responded by referencing Biden.

“I said, ‘What?’” Sayyid recalled. He said the caller referred to him as the “son of Biden.”

When Sayyid asked who the caller was, he responded, “I am Biden, your father,” menacingly adding that the Taliban were looking to find him.

The caller also touted the fact that the Taliban were able to wrest control of Afghanistan from the government. “Now we took over all of the country,” the caller said.

“Where is your Biden? Where is his plane to drop bombs?” the militant mocked.

Sayyid hung up the first call, but the same number soon called back with both the original caller and another person on the phone.

“You are working with infidels. I am working with Muslims,” the second person said.

Sayyid said he didn’t respond to the threats and hung up the phone upon hearing the taunting and blocked the number. He said the phone calls terrified him, and the next day, he prepared to head to Kabul, where his family later met him.

Sayyid was able to connect with some of the U.S. special forces that he used to work with, and they were able to help secure his and his family’s safety out of Afghanistan. He said his name was put on a list that included how many children he had, and Marines were able to locate his family near the gate and extricate them from the situation.

The area outside the airport in Kabul is in complete chaos. Thousands of people, mired in desperation, have been pushing to get into the complex since the Taliban seized control of Kabul. Sayyid described the area around the airport as “hell” and said that he felt as though he had made it to “paradise” once he and his family were able to get into the complex.


The United States is working to rescue thousands of citizens and Afghans who assisted U.S. forces over the past few decades. Some 88,000 people have been airlifted from the Kabul airport this month, most of whom were evacuated after Kabul’s Aug. 14 collapse.

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