Interpretive Dance, Earbud Ads, Colorful Buildings But No Elton John or Britney Spears in ‘Hold Me Closer’ Video

hold-me-closer - Credit: Elton John/YouTube
hold-me-closer - Credit: Elton John/YouTube

Elton John and Britney Spears have released the colorful visual for their song “Hold Me Closer” — but neither of them is in it.

The video, directed by Tanu Muino, is filled with colorful costumes and filmed at Muino’s “favorite architectural locations” in Mexico City. (Jacob Jonas directed the choreography.)

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“Going into this video, I knew there would be a lot of emotional expectations the audience and fans would have. With this responsibility, I had to do something different and unexpected,” she said in a statement. “The dance had to be forward-thinking to raise eyebrows and make Elton and Britney proud.”

The visual opens with first-second product placement for new Bose earbuds before showing a set of dancers break into an interpretive sequence surrounded by colorful magenta walls. “Hold me closer, tiny dancer,” Spears sings as the two dancers embrace.

The video then pans to two other dancers, dressed in blue, as they show their best dance moves in an open, indoor space. Another scene captures a new set of dancers surrounded by colorful buildings.

The video’s director — who has worked with the likes of Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, and Cardi B — said creating this visual was “emotional” since she decided to become a video director after watching Spears’ iconic “Slave 4 U” video.

“Getting the best dancers, crew, and access to some of the most private locations in the world was simple as everyone wanted to work with Elton John and be part of his legacy,” Muino said.

Spears and John first released the single in late August, marking Spears’ first new music in six years and after being released from her 14-year conservatorship.

The single started as a solo song for John before he reached out to Spears with the idea of turning the single into a collaboration. Spears “immediately said yes,” according to a press release.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have had the chance to work with Britney Spears,” John said at the time. “She truly is an icon, one of the all-time great pop stars, and she sounds amazing on this record. I love her dearly and am delighted with what we’ve created together.”

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