An Interview With Adrienne Roberson, First Female Orioles Public Address Announcer

WJZ's Mark Viviano sat down with Adrienne Roberson.

Video Transcript

- All right, Bob, thank you. The Orioles starting a home stand, this evening, as Oakland is in town.

- And prior to the game, the Orioles made some major news off the field. Mark joins us now live from the press box with the new voice of Camden Yards. Mark?

MARK VIVIANO: Hey, guys. Yes, she just arrived to work in her office, and we're waiting here to talk to her. Adrienne Roberson, congratulations on being named full time, now, the PA voice of Camden Yards. Your thoughts on this opportunity for you now?

ADRIENNE ROBERSON: This is such an incredible opportunity. I am so excited to be able to come to this park every day and be a part of this Orioles family. And what we have coming up is just amazing, and just to be a part of it, I have seen these guys for so many years. And now, to see them on this field and see what the future is bringing, this is the best. I am very happy.

- We have heard Adrienne's voice here as she has done fill in work, and she's also been the voice of the Bowie Baysox for 17 seasons. Now, we talk about sights and sounds of the ballpark. It's such a beautiful ballpark, and fans really love coming here. Now, your voice is added to it. That seems like a lot of responsibility, or do you not think of it that way?

- I try not to think of it that way. I just try to come to work and bring the excitement to the team when those players walk out, saying their names, being a part of the city, and yeah, I try not to put that pressure on. But I want to bring enthusiasm, bring more to the team, and let those guys hear their names, and bring the excitement, get the crowd excited. Let's cheer them on to get these wins.

- This has been a year that Major League Baseball has celebrated women in the game. The Florida Marlins, Miami Marlins, have a female general manager. We have seen teams hire assistant coaches who are female. You are one of just four female voices, now, full time, public address in Major League Baseball. Thought of that and the meaning of that to you to be a part of what is something groundbreaking to an extent?

- And it's an amazing part. I have always just enjoyed doing sports. I grew up with a microphone around me, and I was always telling stories and walking around the house. And having other women in this industry is just amazing, because we have the talent. We have the experience.

We want to be out there, too, but not just looking at us being a woman. Talent and experience coming first. And when I look at Kim, being down at the Marlins, she's an amazing woman who has done great work coming to the Dodgers, and all that she's done, Marisol Castro. It is an honor to be a part of this, I guess, women's club, but also, more MLB and announcing. That's just always what I wanted to do, and being here is-- it's everything. And I am glad to see more women, because we have the talent and a part of it, yes.

- Congratulations to you. Her office is here. Her voice will be everywhere in this ballpark. Adrienne Roberson, congratulations, and thank you for your time.

- Thank you so much.

- All right, guys, back to you.