Interview Compilation UCL Quarterfinals - 04/07/2021

Compilation of Champions League interviews from 04/07/2021.

Video Transcript


KYLIAN MBAPPE: Oh, it was-- it was a difficult game against maybe, and I'm sure the best team in Europe right now. We play well, like a team. But it was hard. But it's only the first game. We have another game at home. We have to be confident, but not too much, and play like we play today, like a team.

- Bayern put you under a lot of pressure tonight, and you hit them on the break. Was that the plan?

KYLIAN MBAPPE: No. I know-- I know I have a lot of pressure, but that's the football. It's a game. You have to take pleasure on the pitch, and it's what I did. And thanks to my teammates, I scored two goal today. And I want to keep going like this, keep working hard, and stay like this with the same mentality, because I think it's the good one.

JULIAN DRAXLER: Yeah, it was really hard work from the whole team. I think we saw what a great team they have. Always dangerous for us-- it was very hard to defend. And in the end, we have a lot of quality in our attacking-- in our attack-- in our attack. And that's why we scored three goals. And finally, we could take the win.

It's only one game, and now we have two matches. So the win was really, really important. Today, we scored three goals. And we go home very happy tonight.

THOMAS TUCHEL: You know, the result is excellent. Of course, it was a tough match against a strong Porto side. It's just very hard to play. They have very good individual skills. And it's a proud club and the proud team and emotional team.

So yeah, there were many moments where we-- where we suffered. But we accepted it, could see that-- yeah. It is the circumstances are a bit different, if it's a quarterfinal, if you play last eight, and so on. So in some moments, it was a good game. In some moments, we suffered. And we lacked position and stuff. But the spirit was good, and the result is excellent result.

MASON MOUNT: Yeah. Yes, we know it was going to be a tough game. Coming into the game, we know how hard to play against them. It is we don't have many chances. But we kept going. We obviously got the goal first off. And then later on, in the second, obviously, you secured a good win. But that's only half the time. We still got the second leg to go.