Interview Compilation UCL Quarterfinals - 04/13/2021

Compilation of Champions League interviews from 04/13/2021.

Video Transcript

- (SINGING) The champions.

MAURICIO POCHETTINO: Yes. During the game, I think was we were very focused. Was a real tough match. Really happy, because the players deserve big credit. We are so happy for them, for the club, for [INAUDIBLE], and for Leonardo that they trust in us. And after three months working here, I think we are here and we are enjoying the moment in this type of game. And if you win and you qualify for the semifinal, I think that is an amazing moment for us.

When you are touching down really close to the pitch, it's not easy to enjoy. But I try. I try to enjoy every time.

I am calm outside. But inside, I always, you know, you are a little with the stress of the competition. But that is the adrenaline that we love to feel. And tonight was a fantastic game.

Yeah. But you know, the objective is to win the Champions League. If you don't win the Champions League, then it's only unable to beat Bayern Munich or Barcelona. That we need to be focusing to work hard and to try Sunday to win the game is going to provide us the confidence to prepare all the games that we have ahead. But of course, that is a very good step for the club and for us.

IDRISSA GUEYE: We feel very happy today because we want to win this game. But we-- we did very good in the first game, and today, we lost 1-0. But we had a lot of opportunity to score, but we didn't score. And today, we are just very happy to-- to end this qualification for the next round.

Yeah. We can say it's like every year. Every time they say it's our year, but we didn't win it. So we have to be-- to stay focused and trying to working-- to work hard in the training ground and try to win every game. And we will see at the end.

ERIC MAXIM CHOUPO-MOTING: Yeah. Definitely, we are very disappointed, frustrated. It's sad, because we won today. And I think in the-- in the first-- in the first leg, we did a great game and we should have won this game for sure today. It was more equal occasions on both sides. But yeah, it hurts that we didn't score one more goal. And yeah, that's football on this level.

At the end of the day, you have to-- you have to score more. We had so many occasions and yeah. But that's football. We have to continue and to stay positive.

Yeah. For me-- yes, for me I think we deserve to go in the second leg. But at the end of the day, we can't change it. And still, congrats to Paris, of course.

Yeah. We have-- we were disappointed. I'm disappointed at the moment. I don't have all the right words and answers. But yeah, it's sad. It's sad.

THOMAS TUCHEL: We accepted what was-- what was needed. Was a tough, tough fight, honestly. I mean, maybe on the television not so nice to watch. But at the sideline, was a very intense game, very fast game. And first half without a lot of interception in the beginning of the first half.

So was-- was a tough fight. Very hard to play against them and to escape the pressure. They are a very aggressive team, Porto. And they do-- they are taken in a very fluent and aggressive way.

They show up and they change positions all the time. They come from behind. They overlap, they underlap. They-- you have to adapt to many-- to many movements. But with every minute after a tough start, with every minute, we did it better and better.

I think we defended very, very well. We deserved absolutely a clean sheet. We had the better chances. Not a lot, better chances. Better half chances.

We could not finish it off with a goal or two goals. So we had to hang in there, and the guys did that. And so it-- overall, we deserved to beat Portland. Was a tough 180 minutes.

I said before, we had a plan defensively. We-- we had also planned offensively. But we said before, normally, Porto is a team who can-- who can make other teams underperform. That happened to City. It happened to-- in the group stage, it happened against Juve. And so you need to accept it that things are very, very hard, because they're a emotionally aggressive team and full of confidence.

But part of performance is also to not let the others perform. And we did this as well, again, today. And was-- was a tough team performance defensively. And until the last OK lucky shot in the last minute, we did not concede any big chances. And unfortunately, it was not like we missed some counterattacks and some first touches in the offensive in the last third to maybe create a little bit more.

But you know, that's-- in the context, we are a very young team. Very young offensive line, and the wing backs are very, very young. So in the last game, we had two guys who scored their first goal in Champions League. If you look at the other teams, who scores there, this is a different story.

So you have to accept that the circumstances and the opponent don't make it easy to maybe show the brightest performance to watch on the television. But at the sideline, it was a pleasure to watch the fight and to be at the sideline and to fight with them. And we deserve to go through.

CESAR AZPILICUETA: Yeah. When you are here into the quarterfinals of the Champions League, where we knew that Porto was a tough team, They knocked out Juventus. They-- they play with a lot of intensity. And we knew that we had to suffer, even though we had a very good result from the first leg. But today, despite the last score, I think we-- we control and we were a bit unlucky in the last few meters where we could maybe create more chances.

We are-- we are through. You know, tomorrow we'll see who we are going to play against. When you are into to the best four teams in Europe, you know, everything is going to be difficult. And there are going to be two games where, obviously, we are going to give everything because we know we have a high chance.

We know that the Champions League is the best competition. And obviously, we have for everything in there. Now we have to focus into the FA Cup semi-final that we have on Saturday. And we have to go step by step.

The team is improving. We have a lot of quality, a lot of numbers in the squad. And everybody is fighting hard to get into the team and to play. I think the games that we have showed that we can play really well.

MEHDI TAREMI: Thank you. Was a good match for us. We did great job. We had some opportunity to score and we couldn't score, unfortunately. But we did good, I think, but was not enough for the go to next round.

When we are starting to Champion League, we-- I think we did great for the title and we proved ourselves, because we had a lot of good game. Also this one, but we did a little bit unlucky. If you had some chances, maybe we're going to next one. But this football, this part of football, that is normal.

- (SINGING) The champions.