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This luxe Intex float has a removable canopy — and it's 30% off: 'An absolute dream'

Way back in November or so, when that first chill hit and you found yourself sloshing to work in freezing rain, you might have regretted that you didn't make the most of Summer 2022 when it was here — didn't relax enough, didn't indulge enough, didn't put yourself first enough. Let's have no such remorse this year, OK? How? Canopy Island. No, that's not the name of a new reality show; it's the vehicle of your own personal summer showcase and aquatic escape. And whaddaya know? Intex's Canopy Inflatable can now be yours for just $92, down from its usual $130. Dive in and grab one!

Throw one of these clamshell-shaped wonders in your cart, and this summer the world will be your oyster.

$92 at Amazon

What's a canopy island? Let's just say it is to your everyday, average pool float what the French Riviera is to Myrtle Beach. Inflatable in minutes (via two separate air chambers, for safety and stability), Intex's standard bearer is built for pimped-out chillaxing, featuring a backrest, fabric sun shade, and a mesh back panel to make sure your blissful afternoon is punctuated by the occasional refreshing breeze.

It also features two cup holders and measures a generous 78½ × 59 inches, more than enough for two people. But we say NO! — this baby is just for you! You've been a good parent/friend/significant other all year round; this is your oasis, your reward for...all that time you spent doing stuff that you'd rather not have done. Put it another way: Thinking of others is waaay overrated. (That's right; we said it!) Resolve to make this the summer when you do you — in comfort, luxury and style.

Canopy float
Why is she laughing? 1) That this jabroni even presumes to speak to her, and 2) That he appears to think he has a chance in hell of sharing her floating paradise. (Photo: Amazon) (Photo: Amazon)

Whether you've got a backyard pool, summer share house or lake vacay in your near future, don't experience them without one of these. Thousands of Amazon shoppers have done the right thing, and they're glad they did.

"I love this float so much!" testified one of them. "It feels like being on a tropical vacation. It is so relaxing. I use it for reading, relaxing, etc. I stay dry on it, even when others are swimming around me."

"Wow!" said another (and though, as explained above, we're looking a bit askance at their plural-pronoun use, we wholeheartedly agree with their general take). "This pool lounger is an absolute dream! We absolutely love it. It is comfortable and easy to put together. Would definitely recommend."

Our fave reviewer, however, is this determined decompress-or, who's dubbed the Intex float "Mom Island." Please, tell us more! "I don't have a very large pool and this takes up a good deal of premium pool space, and I care not one bit. I hop onto it with my towel, beer and book and it's like a little vacay right in my little...backyard. I have made rules about it, like 'You may not speak to the mom while she is on Mom Island — go ask your father,' and 'You may only access Mom Island with express consent from Mom; trespassers will be flipped over and banned from Mom Island until she gets over your offense.' It's so comfy! If everyone had one, the world would be a happier, more chill place, I'm sure of it." See, this is the kind of me-first indulgence we're trying to encourage.

Take a trip to Amazon and you, too, can be Queen of the Nile this summer.

Who wants to start the summer in regret? This 29% markdown practically guarantees a sell-out; make sure you don't get left high and dry.

$92 at Amazon

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