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Dear reader,

You might have noticed we made some changes around here. The new is faster, easier to navigate, and, dare we say, more elegant. I hope you like it.

This redesign has been a long-time coming. We last refreshed in January 2015, back when Obama was president, Jeb Bush loomed large over the Republican primary, and Mad Men was releasing new episodes. And while our award-winning site matured quite well, it was starting to show its age.

The new design emphasizes what we believe our millions of smart, busy, and open-minded readers want: clean and fast-loading articles that put the focus on our striking images and helpful, thought-provoking writing. The site is also easier to navigate, shows updates more quickly, and draws clearer connections between stories, which is why the homepage is arranged more by topic than it used to be.

There are also some exciting new sections.

First, we're replacing our 5 Things You Need to Know Now section with new online Briefings, which will walk you through the biggest issues of the day in a format our magazine readers know well. (We're also giving a more prominent position to our signature 10 Things You Need to Know Today newsletter as well as Speed Reads, so don't worry: We'll still help you get caught up on the news fast!)

We're also launching two new types of opinion articles to compliment our beloved columns: First: Talking Points, where you'll find's sharp and ideologically diverse voices responding to the news, curating what they're reading, and debating current affairs, because not every argument needs 1,000 words. And second: Beautiful long-form perspectives, because some arguments do require more time and space to unpack.

And that's really what The Week is all about: We will take your time and intelligence seriously by getting you up to speed quickly on the news and then helping you make sense of it through multiple points of view. I hope our new site lives up to the promise.

But enough about us. I want to hear from you. Love the new site or hate it, please reach out to me at and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading,

Nico Lauricella

Editor in chief,