Invest 98-L forecast to head to Gulf of Mexico

Invest 98-L is not looking like much right now. It's close to land over the Southern Windward Islands, dealing with dry air and some wind shear. It is over warm water. NHC forecast it to become a depression within a couple of days. It is forecast to move across the warm waters of the Caribbean with low wind shear. This will be one to monitor. May move into the Gulf of Mexico around Wednesday of next week. Fiona is big and strong. Max winds 130 mph. It is forecast to intensify, and heads towards Bermuda. It will be post-tropical when it reaches Canada, but will have strong winds. Fall arrives Thursday at 8:04 pm. Hot day. Highs mid to upper 90s. Expect some record highs. Weak cold front early Friday, and not as hot Friday into weekend. 30% rain Sunday and Monday. Stronger cold front Monday and little cooler Tuesday and Wednesday.