Investigation continues into fatal Hampshire bus stop shooting

Nov. 1—AUGUSTA, W.Va. — Investigation into a deadly shooting witnessed by children at a school bus stop in Hampshire County last week remains under investigation and no charges have been filed, Sheriff Nathan Sions said Tuesday.

The sheriff released new information from the Oct. 26 incident at the intersection of Mack Road and St. Peter Lane near Augusta, including identifying the victim, Shawn Davis, and alleged shooter, John Dulaney.

Sions said it was about 6:35 a.m. when Davis, carrying a closed folded knife in his hand, confronted Dulaney, who was seated in a truck. Dulaney rolled down the window and an argument ensued, according to the sheriff.

"Dulaney reported Davis reached through the window while Davis was holding the knife," Sions said. "It was dark and Dulaney reported all he could see was Davis holding a silver knife in his hand. Dulaney shot Davis twice in the upper chest in quick succession with a 9 mm handgun."

Dulaney legally possessed the firearm, Sions said.

Sions said Dulaney exited the truck, called 911 and began CPR on Davis, who was later pronounced dead at the scene.

No one else at the bus stop was injured. The school bus was not there when the shooting happened, but arrived a short time later.

"Sadly, several children were witnesses to this incident and interviews with children are conducted in a much different way than when interviewing adults, so this caused some delay in our investigation and the release of additional information," Sions said. "The children present during this incident have been provided with resources for counseling."

Sions said additional information will be released at the "appropriate time."

"We will continue to be in close consultation with our prosecuting attorney," he said. "Ultimately, this matter may be presented to a grand jury for consideration."