Investigation finds who made Monroe Middle School bomb threat hoax

Monroe police have determined who wrote the bomb threat hoax note that led to Monroe Middle School being evacuated Wednesday.

The student who brought the note to the school office Wednesday morning is the person who wrote the note, the Monroe Public Safety Department and Monroe Public Schools said Friday.

"On December 2, 2022, the investigation identified a 13-year-old female student as being responsible for the bomb threat hoax," a news release from the public safety department said. "By admission to police, it was learned that the student involved not only drafted the note, but also was the one who delivered it to the school office."

The student claimed to have found the note in a restroom, the school district said Thursday.

"Police Liaison School Resource Officer Josh Sawdy, Monroe Police detectives, and personnel at Monroe Public Schools worked collaboratively to uncover the person responsible for writing the bomb threat hoax note," interim Monroe Public Schools Superintendent Andrew Shaw wrote in a letter sent to school district families Friday.

The case has been turned over to the Monroe County Prosecutor's Office to determine possible charges.

The hoax led school officials to briefly lock down the middle school, then evacuate the school and arrange for parents to pick up their students or for students to be taken home by bus. Buses from Monroe Transportation and Lake Erie Transit helped take kids home. Classes were canceled Thursday to allow staff to debrief and plan to be with students Friday.

"Everyone did exactly what they should do, and we had tremendous support from our partners in law enforcement and the community," Shaw's letter said.

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Law enforcement personnel from the Monroe Public Safety Department, Monroe County Sheriff's Office and Michigan State Police along with Monroe firefighters responded to the school Wednesday.

"After an extensive building search, no incendiary device was found," Monroe police said Friday.

"Although Wednesday is not a day we want to repeat," Shaw wrote in Friday's letter, "we should all feel good about the way everyone came together to ensure our students were safe."

This article originally appeared on The Monroe News: Investigation finds who made Monroe Middle School bomb threat