Investigation Opens Over Shooting At Illegal Street Racing

Minneapolis Police are working to investigate two very similar deaths that happened during illegal street races over the weekend, Susan E. Littlefield (2:30). WCCO 4 News - June 8, 2021

Video Transcript

FRANK VASCELLARO: In other news, Minneapolis police are working to investigate two very similar deaths that happened during illegal street racing over the weekend. Two different teenagers were killed by stray bullets while watching races just about an hour apart in Minneapolis. We spoke to the family of 19-year-old Vanessa Jensen last night. Today Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield spoke with another grieving family, the sister and mother of 17-year-old Nicholas Enger of Cambridge.

AMANDA BOLZ: He was in a welding class in high school and made some pretty cool things. He could have done anything, and that's what hurts the most. That was all stolen from him.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Nicholas was a young man of many talents.

AMANDA BOLZ: He loved to fish. He loved cars, trucks, snowmobiles, anything with a motor. He loved tinkering with them. That was a passion of his.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Recently, he started going to Minneapolis from Cambridge to watch street races. He was watching this race Saturday when a stray bullet flew into the car he was sitting in.

AMANDA BOLZ: They were stopping to watch. He wasn't down there to cause trouble, or and he wasn't a part of any altercation, or anything. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Nicholas died soon after, leaving his mother without her son--

AMANDA BOLZ: Disbelief. Turmoil.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: --and his little sister without her biggest supporter.

AMBER BOLZ: He was more than a brother, he was my friend. He was a good person. He didn't deserve this. He's more than a statistic.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: Officers are trying to figure out who fired the shot that took the teen known for his kindness and investigate the nearby death of another beloved teen, too.

AMANDA BOLZ: I want, if anybody knows anything, the details of what happened that night to Nicholas or the other girl, to just call someone.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: An aching family, hoping that even though they will never get their beloved boy back, they will one day get answers.

AMBER BOLZ: If you know anything, speak up. Be the voice, because he can't anymore.

SUSAN-ELIZABETH LITTLEFIELD: On what should have been the last week of Nicholas' junior year of high school, his friends and family will gather here instead at the First Baptist Church to remember his life on Friday and Saturday. In Cambridge, Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield, WCCO 4 News.

FRANK VASCELLARO: Minneapolis police say it can be tough to break up the illegal race scene, because people throw rocks and bottles at the officers. They are working on these cases. And they want to remind people that races are illegal and a hotbed for crime.