Investigators: Alarm System Was On Test Mode When Deadly Fire Broke Out At Evergreen Court Home For Adults

The alarm system was not connected to dispatch at the time of the fire, but it alerted residents to the danger inside the building. CBS2's Jessica Moore reports.

Video Transcript

DANA TYLER: Information tonight about the enormous fire at an assisted-living facility that killed a firefighter in Spring Valley. Late this afternoon, investigators believe the alarm at the facility was not working properly. CBS2's Jessica Moore is live outside the complex with details tonight. Jessica.

JESSICA MOORE: Well, Dana, we also know that the building was being cleaned for Passover at the time. Tonight, a growing memorial for Jared Lloyd whose death was so much worse than we even thought. We're learning tonight the final moments of his life and what his death represents for the community.

Fire officials confirm the alarm system was not connected to central dispatch when the building went up in flames early Tuesday morning, trapping 112 people inside the Evergreen Court Home for Adults. Investigators still are not sure what impact, if any, that had on response time to the fire.

35-year-old Spring Valley volunteer firefighter Jared Lloyd, a 15-year veteran, was killed trying to rescue people trapped inside on the third floor.

KEN CONJURA: Unfortunately, Jared pushed to the last-possible second. Him and other members were evacuating a victim that was on the phone with 911 stating he was trapped. He needed help. On their way out, conditions worsened, and he was separated from his crew.

JESSICA MOORE: Two other firefighters and a dozen residents were hurt. Fire officials say the water pressure was inadequate to fight the fire quickly, and Lloyd was killed because he refused, as always, to leave anyone behind.

KEN CONJURA: He was that guy that couldn't leave because he was afraid to miss something. He's that guy that you want to have on your team.

JESSICA MOORE: Earlier this week, Rockland firefighters staged a massive birthday party for Lloyd's six-year-old son, one of two young boys he leaves behind. Today, dozens of community leaders gathered to honor who they call the son of Spring Valley.

WILLIE TROTMAN: Must have had gone through natural hell to sacrifice his life so that others may live.

TIJUANA PARKER: A hole in my heart to know that someone's life was taken so tragically, but yet he saved so many. And the greatest gift was, in talking to his mother, was that he did what he loved, being a firefighter.

JESSICA MOORE: Still no word on the identity of the resident who was killed in that fire. We are told four of the other residents are still in the hospital tonight. Both of the other injured firefighters are back at home after being in the hospital. Both are expected to make a full recovery. We're live in Spring Valley. Jessica Moore, CBS2 News.

DANA TYLER: Jessica, thank you.