Investigators pull VIN off burned truck found with body inside

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Jul. 14—Investigators said they were able to pull the identification number off of a truck that was found burned with a body inside it Tuesday night at Lake McAlester.

McAlester Police Chief Kevin Hearod said investigators were getting a better look this morning at the truck that was found burning Tuesday night at a boat dock on Lake McAlester.

Hearod said investigators were able to pull the vehicle identification number off the truck this morning and spoke with family members of the person who the truck belonged to.

That information was passed on to the Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to aid in the process to identify the body.

Hearod said the body was found in the passenger side of the back seat.

When asked about a game camera the News-Capital saw being taken out of a nearby tree by investigators, Hearod said investigators did take a camera into evidence.

According to Hearod, the camera was most likely put up by the city's parks department to try and catch people who dump trash and vandalize the boat dock.

"Hopefully the batteries are still working good and we got pictures," said Hearod. "We'll get into that camera today."

A witness who saw the blaze and reported fire to authorities told the News-Capital the vehicle was already on fire with "stuff shooting out of it" like gunshots or fireworks when he saw it.

Hearod said investigators were also looking through the vehicle this morning to see what was causing those noises that were heard by the witness.

Police and firefighters were called to the boat dock around 9:15 p.m. Tuesday night after a call was received about a truck on fire. First responders did not know a body was inside the vehicle until the fire was put out and a search was conducted.

Along with investigators from the McAlester Fire Department, other firefighters were called in to the scene to cut the truck for the medical examiner to gain easier access to the body.

Investigators spent more than five hours at the scene before the truck was towed to a secure facility for further evidence processing.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is assisting McAlester Police in the investigation.

Anyone with information related to the investigation can contact the OSBI Tip Line at 1-800-522-8017 or can call McAlester police at 918-423-1212.

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