Investigators sift through debris field of Saskatchewan plane collision

ST. BRIEUX, Sask. - The search for clues as to what may have caused two planes to fatally collide in mid-air over Saskatchewan is in full swing.

Investigators from the Transportation Safety Board arrived in the St. Brieux (BREW) area northeast of Saskatoon on Sunday.

Debris from the planes — a Piper PA-28 and a Lake Buccaneer amphibious plane — is scattered over grassy fields and in trees.

Police have not identified the five people who died.

But an obituary in a Saskatchewan newspaper says Joy and Eric Jackson of Regina were killed in a light-plane collision on Saturday.

Family members have already confirmed that the three people on board the Piper were Denny Loree, Eric Donovan and his 11-year-old son Wade — all from rural Alberta.