Investing in the future of the Pa. outdoors

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If you want to enjoy the outdoors in the future, you need to invest today.

This week's stories explore the various ways that waterways are being improved for the benefit of future generations.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is making improvements to many lakes across the state. I spoke to the agency's director of engineering about roughly $90 million worth of improvements that are being planned to lakes and ponds. The photo of the week reveals the new spillway design for Somerset Lake in Somerset County.

Another story for this week involves the National Fish Habitat Program's work to help fish survive and grow in lakes. The interview highlights where they have helped to fund projects in lakes in Pennsylvania.

Did you get your hunting license yet? Pennsylvania hunting licenses are now on sale and you can apply for antlerless deer tags starting July 11. Check out the link below to a Facebook Live conversation I had with Bryan Burhans, the executive director of the Game Commission. It's easy to see his excitement and passion for the outdoors and what Pennsylvania has to offer hunters this fall.

If you are thinking about camping in northeastern Pennsylvania or are curious about Glamorous Camping called Glamping, check out a story by my colleague, Micaela Hood from the Pocono Record. She highlights all types of camping options, including a tree house.

The last story I have this week is from Frank Bodani at the York Daily Record. He has a powerful story about a woman's experience on the Allegheny Trail to honor her son. Her adventure involves much more than hiking.

Even though we've had warm weather for a few weeks, the first day of summer (the day with the longest hours of sunlight) officially arrived earlier this week. The countdown now begins toward fall. Make sure you plan some extra trips to the water and woods before the seasons once again change. Thank you for your time today and have a great weekend.

Brian Whipkey is the Pennsylvania Outdoors columnist for the USA TODAY Network.
Brian Whipkey is the Pennsylvania Outdoors columnist for the USA TODAY Network.

Brian Whipkey is the outdoors columnist for USA TODAY Network sites in Pennsylvania. Contact him at or 814-444-5928 with outdoor-related questions and story ideas.

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