IOC delegation 'impressed' by Queensland venues

STORY: Queensland premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk and the Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate, accompanied the IOC delegation around the Gold Coast, showing off the Queensland lifestyle and various sporting venues that will feature in the 2032 games.

Speaking to reporters, Palaszczuk said: "So we're very pleased of course, that Brisbane and Queensland was awarded the Olympics for 2032 and we've got 10 years to continue to showcase what Queensland has to offer and it's not just about those 10 years, it's the 10 years afterwards, it's about the great Queensland lifestyle that we have."

International Olympic Committee Brisbane 2032 Coordination Commission Chair, Kirsty Coventry said: "I think we're just excited that there's really no surprises and what you guys have all told us is what we're seeing and it's very impressive."

The IOC confirmed Brisbane as 2032 host at last year's Tokyo Games.

Brisbane 2032 will be Australia's third Olympics after the 2000 Sydney Games and the Melbourne event in 1956.