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Iowa Wolves vs. Austin Spurs - Game Highlights

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Watch the Game Highlights from Iowa Wolves vs. Austin Spurs, 02/25/2021

Video Transcript

- It set the tone. And you have to think they're walking around the bubble, thinking this has to end. There's the dish. And with one hand, Kylor Kelley knows what to do with it.

A slow start here tonight. Cheatham with a head of steam. Zylan Cheatham all the way.

Another hand in defensively by Wigginton. Six on the shot clock now. An absolute heave that goes--

- Woo!

- --for Anthony Mathis! He'll go to the line for 4!

Wigginton here to Putney. Putney!

- Woo!

- Oh!


- Woo.

- Your table is ready, Raphiael Putney.

The plot thickening. Now Robert Woodard II flies in for the steel and the flush!

- Reynolds is going to kick himself-- he watched that play on film. I think he had Mathis wide open in that corner.

- Tucker denied at the cup! What a block by Renfro!

--had that one to give.

- Nine straight trips. This was number seven, I believe. Renfro with the block.

- --among the league leaders. Robert Woodard II has been the man all night and comes up big again! He's got 26!

Cam Reynolds with five. Reynolds off to Mathis. Mathis for the tie-- he got it! He got it!

- I mean, what do you do if you're Iowa? Look at this shot by Anthony Mathis. That's why you got to stay in the game, young man. Can't pick up that fifth foul and definitely not the sixth, or you can't do that.

- Austin looking for a thrilling victory. Robinson-- the inbounder.

- Oh, he's wide open.

- In to Mathis. Anthony Mathis-- we're going to overtime!

You can't sleep on any game in the G League. That's for certain. Lindell Wigginton-- Wigginton-- Cheatham puts it back just in the nick of time!

Woodard II kicks. Mathis-- extra pass to Robinson. Robinson got by his man and scored it! Galen Robinson, Jr.

Let's see these first.

- Galen Robinson--

- They haven't won a game all season. Here's Cheatham off the catch. Tucker for 3-- he can't hit. The Austin Spurs have come all the way back from 23 down to beat Iowa in overtime.