Iowa Wolves vs. Raptors 905 - Game Highlights

Watch the Game Highlights from Iowa Wolves vs. Raptors 905, 03/04/2021

Video Transcript

- They are the top seed for a reason. All the teams at 10 and 3 are playing excellent. So playoffs are coming soon. It'll be interesting to see how they play then.

- Alize Johnson-- count it, and the foul.

- That's a joke. That is definitely a joke. We hope to see [INAUDIBLE] Berry back.

- Taken away. Dakarai Tucker off for Lindell Wigginton, who splashes it down.

- Just lose all hope soon as you let it go.

- Morgan racing to the rim, denied by Putney. Flying down the lane, GPII with the deuce.

Here he goes again, losing it. Payton pushing, and he rises to the rim! One down, two to go for GPII.

He could stick in the NBA.

- Oh, without question. A consistent 3, and this guy and this dunk is all in the NBA.

- Yeah.

- Man, look at this.

- --game out last time.

- Surprising to see any 905 player turn down a 3 like Harris just did.

- Yeah. Oh, Stauskas won't turn down a contested 3 as the shot clock's wearing down and drills it.

And Nwaba, I think, is a perfect example of what guys want to see in the G League and what execs want to see. Because Nwaba isn't a guy who's going to average 25 points a game. As Johnson banks it in.

- Perfect timing, too, by Wigginton. They'll at least get one more possession.

- Yeah, yeah. And they strip Payton inside. A run out here. Putney-- he can do just that.

- This is what I want to see. It's still hard for that player to say, hey, do they really not want me scoring and really want me working on these things that they're telling me? So to make that decision, it's tough.

- Stauskas hits a 3.

Payton racing the other way, drops it off. Tres Tinkle-- the Beaver connection for 3.

Tucker's going to fire to beat the buzzer, at Dakarai Tucker is one cool customer. His fifth 3 of the game.

We'll come back with the fourth quarter after this. Got it off in time over Matt Mooney. Nice looking 3 from Dakarai Tucker.

Tucker starts with a down screen. He's going to the corner. He gets a look off the screen from Brown, and he puts it in!

- There you go. There you go. Another catch and shoot. Coach Mutombo is not happy at all.

- 10-point game. Henry Ellenson is fouled. And-one.

- But a quick response by 905, pushing it up the court, getting Ellenson the layup, and-one.

- And that will do it. High-scoring affair, and Raptors 905 getting the thrilling 132-124 win.