iPhone 5′s A6 processor found to have dual-core CPU, triple-core GPU

iPhone 5′s A6 processor found to have dual-core CPU, triple-core GPU

Never one to tout pure technical specs, Apple (AAPL) left a lot of geeks and nerds scratching their heads as to how the iPhone 5 manages to push twice the processing power and twice the graphics. UBM Tech Insights took some diffusion images of the A6 processor that powers iPhone 5 and discovered that the system on a chip has three GPU cores. That’s one less than the quad-core GPUs found in the new iPad (third-generation). But what does that mean for the user?

Without getting too geeky, it means games on iOS might finally rival those of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. During Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement, it showed off Real Racing 3 with features like real-time reflections on cars and textures and physics that just aren’t possible on previous iPhones. Now, that doesn’t mean we’ll be getting games that rival Halo or Skyrim in controls, but at the very least, high-end games should look even more incredible. And with AirPlay mirroring the iPhone 5 to an HDTV, games will look even more fantastic.

[Via Anandtech]


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