New iPhone 5S part leak points to fingerprint scanner

iPhone 5S Photos

Another day, another iPhone 5S parts leak — but things might be a little different this time around. A new report from French blog includes a number of photos said to show the back panel from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S. The site doesn’t say where it found the photos despite the fact that they’re marked “republished,” but it has a good track record when it comes to parts leaks. While the outside of the casing looks the same, as expected, the newly leaked parts show further evidence that the iPhone 5S is getting a big internal overhaul — and this time, we may finally have some indications that Apple is making room for a fingerprint scanner.

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We already know Apple is experimenting with adding a fingerprint reader to its mobile devices, thanks to some code that it forgot to remove from a recent iOS 7 beta. The question, of course, is if and when a device with a fingerprint scanner will actually launch.

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Countless rumors have pointed to the iPhone 5S as the first handset that will include fingerprint sensing technology Apple gained when it acquired AuthenTec for $356 million. Despite numerous part leaks, however, no physical evidence of a fingerprint reader has been seen — until now, perhaps.

The purported iPhone 5S back plate shown by reveals noticeable changes in the area that sits beneath the iPhone’s home button. In addition, the metal “spacer cushion” that holds the home button in place now features a cut out area that could very well make room for additional components or connectors. Needless to say, these new components could very well be tied to a fingerprint scanner.

Apple plans to unveil its next-generation iPhone 5S during a press conference on September 10th. Images of the leaked parts follow below.


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