Update your iPhone, iPad now because of malicious security threat, Apple says

Dawson White
·1 min read

If you use an iPhone or iPad, don’t wait to update your device.

On Friday, Apple released an update for iOS 14 to fix a security flaw that “may have been actively exploited” by hackers, the tech giant said.

The iOS 14.4.2 update addresses the WebKit — an Apple-developed browser engine used in Safari and other browsers, per Mashable — that may allow malicious websites to use universal cross-site scripting.

This means that hackers could “insert malicious code on affected devices” and use it to access users’ personal information, tech site CNET explained.

Apple doesn’t go into much detail about the security issue, but experts say the fact that it may have already been “actively exploited” means you should update your devices ASAP.

The update is available for:

  • iPhone 6 and later

  • all iPad Pro models

  • iPad 5th generation and later

  • iPad Mini 4 and later

  • iPod Touch 7th generation

If you don’t receive a notification to update your device, you can update manually by going to your device’s Settings folder, choosing General then Software Update. Once it’s downloaded, choose Install.

It took a McClatchy News editor about 20 minutes to complete the process.

The security fix precedes the upcoming iOS 14.5 update which is currently in beta testing, CNET reported. It’s expected to enable users to unlock Face ID with the Apple watch along with other smaller changes to apps, including Music and Podcast.