Iran and China’s assistance to Russia remains limited, intelligence says

Kyrylo Budanov
Kyrylo Budanov

“As of now, Iran hasn’t delivered a single ballistic missile to Russia,” said Budanov.

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He added that China remains unwilling to supply Russia with weapons.

“It's the same story with China,” Budanov said. “Nothing special was delivered – except for a huge number of washing machines, TVs, and other household items.”

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Russia has received hundreds of kamikaze drones from Iran: Mohajer-6, Shahed-129 and Shahed-191 – all of which have been deployed in the war against Ukraine.

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According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Moscow has ordered a total of 2,400 drones from Tehran.

Earlier, U.S. media reported that the Iranian authorities also agreed to supply the Kremlin regime with 1,000 short-range surface-to-surface ballistic missiles.

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