Iran concealed weapons in earthquake aid to hit US troops, Discord leak says: report

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A new leak found that Iran concealed weapons within earthquake aid to Syria to target U.S. troops, The Washington Post reported.

A new leak of U.S. documents that circulated on the online platform Discord and obtained by The Post appear to show that Iran hid military equipment in aid shipments to Syria after the region was hit by an earthquake in February. According to the leaked assessment, the military equipment hidden in shipments included small arms, ammunition and drones.

The reported documents said that the deliveries were made through vehicle convoys from Iran in collaboration with local militant groups there and the Quds Force, which is a branch of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp.

The Post also reported that the document stated that the Quds Force officer directed an Iraqi militia group to “embed weapons within legitimate earthquake aid.” The documents suggested that “[the Popular Mobilization Committee] chief of staff” was involved in the shipments, although the group, which is an umbrella organization of militias, has denied the allegations, the Post reported.

A senior official in Iraq prime minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani’s office told The Post that findings from the documents were “fake.”

“In reality the borders are wide open; in fact we are still suffering from illegals sneaking through the Syrian border,” the official told The Post. “Which means if these documents are right, it’s possible any time. Why wait for an aid convoy as a justification?”

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