Iranian immigrant let go from American Airlines due to documentation issues

A woman’s dream to work with American Airlines has been grounded due to issues with her documentation to live and work in the United States.

Farzaneh Gohari is an Iranian woman who said she left the country in pursuit of a better life.

She said she originally graduated with an Italian degree in business before coming to America.

“I think here is the land of opportunity,” Gohari told Channel 9.

Last year, Gohari said she landed her dream job of becoming a flight attendant for Amerian Airlines.

“A while before that I lost my father and I wanted to do something always to make him proud. So I thought I got this chance with American Airlines,” Gohari said.

But Gohari’s dream abruptly came to an end when the airline told her they had to let her go due to an issue with her documentation.

“So from the first day, they knew about the passport, that I have an Iranian passport and green card,” Gohari said.

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However, the airline said they didn’t learn about Gohari’s inability to travel to all destinations until after her graduation.

In a letter sent to Gohari, American Airlines states:

“You first made us aware on Dec.12 that you would have to apply for multiple foreign visas. After careful review, we have determined that you are unable to fulfill the duties of an American Airlines flight attendant.”

“I need to obtain a few visas, which is merely an administrative process. And I took all the responsibilities for that, nobody helped me. And nobody talked about the issues of visas in the training,” Gohari said.

Gohari said while she was disappointed in how her experience with American Airlines ended, it will not stop her from living out her dream.

“Actually, I started my American life with American Airlines here and I was so grateful. I was so proud,” Gohari told Channel 9.

American Airlines said it will allow Gohari to apply for a position where she does not have to travel, like a gate agent.

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