Iraqi artists bring life back to Baghdad walls

Iraqi artists breathe new life into neglected districts in Baghdad

LOCATION: Baghdad, Iraq

The artist collective ‘Butterfly Effect’ paint colorful murals

depicting the everyday life of Baghdadis

and portraits of famous personalities born in the neighborhood

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) ARTIST AND 'BUTTERFLY EFFECT' TEAM LEADER, ALI KHALIFA, SAYING:"We chose popular neighborhoods, because these are also historical areas that are neglected. Houses are damaged, nobody gives attention to these areas. But when we came to paint these areas, the media came as well, many came."

Khalifa says more residents have begun calling on the artists

to come and paint their neighborhoods as well

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) RESIDENT, AMIR AL-JOUBOURI, SAYING:"The area used to be historic, but with the passage of time, it got neglected. These guys painted the traditional windows, painted famous and big personalities from Kadhimiya, they brought back the soul and life to this area that now caught the attention of people. Now more people come, the youth, they come take pictures, have fun, families come here to look at the beautiful paintings."

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